Sinai Temple Shabbat Singers

For Shabbat Shira

- Larry Adelston's L'cha Dodi (Thanks, Larry!)

- Performance of Danny Maseng's Yigdal

- Another Performance of Danny Maseng's Yigdal

- Performance of Danny Maseng's Elohai N'tzor

- Recording of Cory A. Weis's The Song of the Sea (Soprano part only)

- Performance of Erik Contzius's Hineih Mah Tov

- Recording of Gerald Cohen's Mi Chamocha with variant lyrics (Thanks, Efrat!)

For Chanukah: Audio Files of Mi Yemalel

- Soprano

- Alto

- Tenor

- Bass

For Ilana's Bat Mitzvah

(thanks Andréa!)

- Katonti performance by Meyolia

- Adama Ve Shamayim -- we will sing at the same tempo as the recording that is between 0:11 sec and 0:56 sec.

- Y'hiyu L'ratzon

- Od Lo Ahavti Dai played by Yuval Grumer (guitar, instrumental only)
- Od Lo Ahavti Dai sung by Yoram Gaon video with lyrics (hebrew transliteration and Portuguese (!) translation

- Forever Young (guitar and voice)

For Shabbat Service May 26

- Miriam's Song

- Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah (performance from Shabbat Singers, November 11)

Other Performaces of Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah"

- Woodlands singers (from Allison)

- Rufus Wainwright at Luminato Festival (Thanks, Robin S!)

- Tori Kelly on the 9/18 'In Memoriam' segment of Emmy Awards (starts at about 2 minutes) (Thanks, Robin G!)


- David Broza: Yihye Tov

- Pete Seeger performing Tumbalalaika

- Performance of Charles Osborne's Samachti B'omrim Li

- Performance of Michael Ochs's When We Sing (music starts at 3:27 into the audio)

- Performance of Leon Sher's Heal Us Now

- Performance of Oseh Shalom (second version)

- Performance of Kafe Bekef (Java Jive)

- Performance of Benjamin Wolf's A Chanukah Celebration

- Had Gadya and Adir Hu (audio from Voice of the Turtle)

- Adama Ve Shamayim video of Isaac Zones playing the guitar and providing some tips

Aaron Copland's "Thus the heavens and the earth were finished"

-Performance by Concordia Choir (section begins at 11' 50")

Individual parts for practice (with piano)

- Soprano

- Alto 1

- Alto 2

- Tenor

- Bass

other practice versions

- tutti

- piano only